AMH, FSH, the numbers and some hope

Found a very interesting article here by Julia Indichova about getting pregnant with low AMH levels. In fact the whole website is a good resource for those looking for some inspiration (and hope!). I love her description of the ‘holy human loaf’ :

AMH levels though they may reflect a diminishing size of the remaining ovarian pool, are also a reflection of ovarian function related to a woman’s overall level of health. Since AMH levels do not reflect egg quality, when the overall level of the woman’s health—be it physical, emotional or spiritual (the “holy human loaf”)—increases, chances of pregnancy increase.

The key here being the woman’s overall level of health – it’s so important. How do we nourish ourselves? Do we eat healthful foods, do we put ourselves in healthful environments, surround ourselves with people that nourish us, do our thoughts nourish us, do we take enough care of ourselves? Sometimes it is a combination of factors, no one thing that will be the magic bullet to achieve our health goals.

With the Maya approach we look at all of these factors, taking into account a persons integral biology along with their physical one and devising a programme of treatment, advice and homecare supporting strategies that can support the fertility journey physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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About Adrienne Egan

Adrienne Egan is the first Certified Arvigo Practitioner in the Republic of Ireland. She has trained with: • Rosita Arvigo in the Arvigo Institute, United States and Belize. • Marty Ryan, LMP specialising in Palpation, Assessment and Clinical Applications of the Abdominal Viscera. • Alexandra Pope on The Woman’s Quest Apprenticeship Training. • Uma Dinsmore Tuli’s Womb Wisdom Well Woman Yoga training. She is a qualified Swedish Massage therapist, a Reiki Master and Findhorn Flower Essence practitioner. Adrienne was a Director on the Board of the Endometriosis Association of Ireland 2012 - 2014 and is a member of The Arvigo Institute, NH, USA.
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