Profound Practice for New Beginnings

I am a big advocate (and fan) of Yoga Nidra. It is such a simple, profound and deeply relaxing practice, accessible to all. It’s similar to listening to a guided meditation and best practiced lying down, covered by a blanket.

Uma Dinsmore Tuli has made many recordings available for free on her website, and most recently has added a new one from her recent book Yoni Shakti. This would be a good one to try to bring the energy of new beginnings into your life, of any kind.

This thirty-eight minute yoga nidra practice honours the vulnerable power of innocence and the tender bright hope that accompanies new beginnings of any kind. It connects with the menarcheal energies of Sodasi, the sixteen year old goddess, and is intended to provide supportive inspiration for any time of new beginning. It is a recording of the practice described on page 442 of Yoni Shakti.

This Yoga Nidra is free, but please consider leaving a donation in support of Uma’s wonderful work.

Published by

Adrienne Egan

Adrienne Egan is the first Certified Arvigo Practitioner in the Republic of Ireland. She has trained with: • The Barral Institute of Visceral Manipulation, France • The Arvigo Institute, United States and Belize. • Marty Ryan, Love You Guts • Alexandra Pope, Red School • Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Womb Yoga Adrienne was a Director on the Board of the Endometriosis Association of Ireland 2012 - 2014 and is a member of The Arvigo Institute, NH, USA. Adrienne has recently completed a Diploma in Jungian Depth Psychology & Advaita Vedanta with the CG Jung Centre of Ireland.

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