Gwyneth Paltrow and vaginas and steams, oh my!

I honestly never expected to be mentioned in the same newspaper article as Gwyneth Paltrow and vaginas…

What is this all about? Well, recently Gwyneth reported on her blog about Tikkun Spa in Santa Monica she had visited where she experienced a vaginal steam treatment (also known as Bajos, yoni steams or v-steams). The mainstream media picked up on this, probably for the sensationalist angle and evoked images of power hosing and industrial strength procedures. Lots of column inches ensued…

Bajo | Vaginal Steam | Yoni Steam | V SteamSince this was reported there has been much mis-information out there and many responses from ‘experts’ who did not understand what this very old and traditional therapeutic treatment is all about. (For the record – no power hosing or industrial procedures!)

I have written about Bajos or vaginal steams here before. They are an important part of the Arvigo practitioner toolkit that we advise clients to use for therapeutic use to help address certain types of menstrual pathology. Women who experience normal menstrual cycles can also benefit but the gold is to be found for those that experience difficulty with their cycles.

There are certain contraindications for use (not advised for IUD wearers, any pelvic inflammatory condition, suspected pregnancy or active infection present), and as part of Arvigo techniques of Maya abdominal therapy, you will be advised as to the correct use. We advocate a lot of self care strategies, such as our self care massage and the vaginal steams are one of these ancillary healing strategies offering much support.

Thankfully I got a chance this weekend to put the record straight and you can read that article here. My Arvigo colleagues around the globe have also replied and here is an excellent article that appeared in The Guardian in the UK by Katinka Locascio and also a response from Tami Kent on her Facebook page: Post by Wild Feminine.

I give my clients a kit to do this in the privacy of their own home. Some women are very excited at hearing about this treatment, and some clients look at me with a raised eyebrow and a collective response of “You want me to do what?”. Thankfully I can report that the latter group are won over after their first experience. It’s a soothing, warming, effective and very pleasant experience where you get to put yourself and your reproductive health to the top of the priority list.

Contact me for further details. 


About Adrienne Egan

Adrienne Egan is the first Certified Arvigo Practitioner in the Republic of Ireland. She has trained with: • Rosita Arvigo in the Arvigo Institute, United States and Belize. • Marty Ryan, LMP specialising in Palpation, Assessment and Clinical Applications of the Abdominal Viscera. • Alexandra Pope on The Woman’s Quest Apprenticeship Training. • Uma Dinsmore Tuli’s Womb Wisdom Well Woman Yoga training. She is a qualified Swedish Massage therapist, a Reiki Master and Findhorn Flower Essence practitioner. Adrienne was a Director on the Board of the Endometriosis Association of Ireland 2012 - 2014 and is a member of The Arvigo Institute, NH, USA.
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2 Responses to Gwyneth Paltrow and vaginas and steams, oh my!

  1. Claire Reilly says:

    Hi Adrienne

    Great article! I have to say I had a great laugh at all the ladies on the English chat shows during the week about Gwyneth’s steam! I was delighted that I was one up on her having done it! (I am a past client of your from a few years back now) I just said I had to write as no one I know knew that I was with you so to try explain it would be a tad difficult & myself & Pat enjoyed all the hype! Hoping all is good with you.

    Claire Reilly Cavan

    • Claire, great to hear from you again! Yes the interest has been incredible so am grateful to Gwyneth for highlighting this technique, despite the mis-information that abounds! It’s getting folks talking about it and remembering these very old healing traditional healing methods. Hope you and Pat are really well. Best wishes, Adrienne

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