Dr Rosita Arvigo in conversation

Dr Rosita Arvigo shares her current work and the reasons why she developed her unique self-care massage which has empowered thousands of people around the world. She discusses the joy of working with families across generations and seeing how this work once again can be handed down from parent to child. Hear stories of her teacher and mentor Don Elijio Panti and the importance of Forest Bathing for Mind, Body and Spirit.

Hilary Lewin and Rosita get excited about their upcoming trip to Australia and continuing to spread this work around the world.

Published by

Adrienne Egan

Adrienne Egan is the first Certified Arvigo Practitioner in the Republic of Ireland. She has trained with: • The Barral Institute of Visceral Manipulation, France • The Arvigo Institute, United States and Belize. • Marty Ryan, Love You Guts • Alexandra Pope, Red School • Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Womb Yoga Adrienne was a Director on the Board of the Endometriosis Association of Ireland 2012 - 2014 and is a member of The Arvigo Institute, NH, USA. Adrienne has recently completed a Diploma in Jungian Depth Psychology & Advaita Vedanta with the CG Jung Centre of Ireland.

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