Arvigo Therapy® offers the specialisation of Supporting Pregnancy from Preconception through to Postpartum. This work has great benefits for the woman embarking on her journey to motherhood, preparing the body to be in optimal pelvic health at the time of conception. Once past the first trimester, the Arvigo techniques® for pregnancy care can continue, relieving many of the common pregnancy ailments that may occur and ensuring a healthy, enjoyable pregnancy. In the final stages the work prepares the body for an efficient labour experience.

Recommended schedule of visits:

Weeks 1 -20: One a month
Weeks 20 – 36: Two a month
Weeks 36 – 38: Minimum once a week
Weeks 38 – Birth/Labour: Weekly

Treatment cost: €80 (if you have been a client pre-conception and case history is known). If you are a new client the first session will take longer to accommodate the intake process.

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Discounted packages are available for pre-booked blocks of treatments for your pregnancy, please enquire.