I visited Adrienne last October after trying to conceive for over a year and a half without success.

I had multiple tests done in a private fertility clinic and found that I had a uterus that was severely tilted to the right and was compressing my right fallopian tube. They said this should not cause infertility but although there was no other reason found for our difficulties in conceiving we were being advised to have IVF as a first option and they would be worried if we were not pregnant within 6 months. Something didn’t feel right about this and so I searched for another option and another opinion.

When i came to Adrienne I was feeling very hopeless and I was in a pretty dark place but by the end of my first treatment I was already feeling lighter and a lot more hopeful as if a weight had been lifted off me. Adrienne has an amazing calming effect as she really took the time to listen and understand my particular problem, explaining the possible causes and side effects of a tilted uterus and how we would work together to correct the problem. I instantly felt comfortable in her presence which helped me relax and be open to the benefits of the treatments.

Adrienne’s work through massage, manipulation and the home treatments of massage, castor oil packs and steam baths that she thought me corrected my skeletal alignment, the alignment of my uterus, removed any blockages that were caused by the years of being in misalignment and nourished my uterus by encouraging good circulation.

Prior to finding Adrienne I had made an appointment with a gynaecologist in the Rotunda and towards the end of my 3 month of ATMAT treatment with Adrienne I had another test which determined that my uterus was back in alignment and my right fallopian tube was now accessible.

After the 3 months of the treatment Adrienne advised us to start trying again and I was pregnant after the first attempt. By taking the time with Adrienne to create the best possible environment for a growing baby I am now 35 weeks pregnant with a very healthy and well nourished baby. I have no doubt that it was the ATMAT which gave us this possibility. I will be forever grateful to Adrienne and the ancient work that she is keeping alive.

Dublin Architect

I visited Adrienne last year for a series of treatments of Mayan Freddieabdominal massage after several years of fertility problems and heart-breaking losses. I found the treatments to be wonderful for re-connecting to myself and nourishing the body and soul, Adrienne is a calming and knowledgeable therapist with great insight, putting you at ease and explaining the treatment and benefits as well as providing home care advice such as the steam baths. We were preparing for a second round of IVF at the time and I found having the holistic approach through the treatments helped to balance myself physically and mentally from the more invasive and stressful side of the IVF treatment with all the medications and protocols. One year later we have welcomed our baby boy into our lives and have to thank Adrienne for the part that she has played in our journey, thank you.


My partner and I were trying to get pregnant for over 4 years. We tried so many different things but all of them without success. Then one day, I came across an article written about the benefits of Mayan abdominal massage – I had never heard of it before, despite the fact that it is quite well-known for its fertility support as well as other health benefits. I then came across Adrienne’s website and contacted her for the initial treatment session.

From the moment I met her, I felt so comfortable in her presence. Her professional and gentle manner make you feel instantly heard and understood as she takes the time to get to know your individual needs. She explains the treatment step-by-step so you feel really prepared and safe in the space.

The actual massage itself feels wonderfully relaxing and I loved the fact that she teaches you how to do it yourself at home after. I also got to do the Castor oil packs and ‘Bajos’ steam treatment which felt great – really lovely and nourishing.

I’m delighted to say, after two months preparation with ATMAT, I got pregnant naturally the first month of trying after the treatment! I have no doubt in my mind that it was as a result of Adrienne’s work.

I really cannot recommend her highly enough. The work is so powerful and she is truly gifted as a practitioner. I will always be grateful to her for this amazing gift she’s given us.

Thank you Adrienne.
Teacher, Dublin

I suffered with debilitating period pain for many years and was prescribed the pill but it always had side effects. After some research on natural remedies I came across Maya massage therapy with Adrienne. I haven’t looked back since. I have only been a few times to see her but a monthly treatment combined with my homework of castor oil packs, herbal steams and massage (all of which Adrienne explains very clearly) has made all the difference. After just three months, I have had a significant reduction in pain.

Adrienne is a very caring and compassionate therapist and I could not recommend her enough. Not only did she treat me with a long massage but we also looked at my diet, my medical history and my emotional well being. She recommended books, yoga poses and referred me to some excellent online courses that I can complete in my own time as part of my healing journey. For me, visiting Adrienne has been a lot more than taking a step in addressing an issue; it’s been a life changing experience – discovering the unspoken magic of the menstrual cycle.
Lisa (27), Dublin


Baby OR

Hi Adrienne, I visited you about a year ago when I was about to do my 8th transfer/IVF! Below is a picture of my little boy born on 29th November last, a week earlier than expected. He was 6lbs 13oz but now over 10lbs! Just thought I would show you how the Maya Arvigo Techniques helped this time. I hope you are keeping very well!
OR, Dublin

I had an enlarged prostate which caused frequent urination. After Adrienne’s treatment and a few weeks of self care the condition is completely cured. Also, I now feel in better health generally.
From Kieran (age 70)

I first contacted Adrienne 2 months ago. I was very intrigued by Maya Abdominal Therapy and how few practitioners there were in Ireland despite the success rates that this therapy boasts in Fertility Treatment. I later found out the extent to which Adrienne and Maya practitioners are trained and the commitment and travel invested in learning the art and wisdom of this ancient healing treatment that I quickly understood how passionate and committed you would need to be to become a practitioner and I then understood why there were so few. The reason I decided to book my first appointment was due to very much wanting to prepare myself for my second Pregnancy. We had decided that we would like to start trying again very soon and I wanted to have some sense of control over that process and make it an enjoyable experience. I wanted to feel mentally and physically prepared for the process and feel that I was giving myself every fighting chance of getting pregnant quickly and having that pregnancy be healthy and comfortable. Trying to conceive is, for most, an extremely stressful and exhausting process. Some part of me felt that I would make this enjoyable and retain some bit of control as so much of the entire process is out of your control. On first meeting Adrienne, I was struck by her warmth, professionalism and her passion for this therapy. It was a lovely experience, very different from any other experience I have ever had. I am in the health profession and I learned a huge amount from her that resulted in some real ‘A-ha’ moments throughout my cycle. It was not only a wonderful physical treatment but also a lovely time to assess and address the variety of emotions that women carry throughout various stages of their cycle. It reminded me of the sacred process of being a woman, and how the cycle was not all about ‘conceiving’ which I had become preoccupied with. It helped re-focus my mind and after 2 incredibly relaxing and powerful treatments (and some excellent instructive home care routines), I fell pregnant on the first attempt. I definitely contribute my success in conceiving to the wonderful work of Adrienne but also, it’s left me with a very positive outlook (having suffered losses in the past), this is the first pregnancy where I’ve been wholly confident from the offset that it will be a strong pregnancy and I do not fear loss (which I know any woman who has suffered the loss of a pregnancy will empathise that it steals your peace and the excitement of every pregnancy), so I am extremely thankful to have this confidence that my body is prepared for this. Thank you so much, Adrienne.
Marie, Dublin 2014

I first went to see Adrienne several years ago to help me through a sticky patch when I was having troublesome periods and all of the upset that goes with that and I was feeling a bit adrift generally. Adrienne’s work helped me through that and far more than that , gave me a system of self care to do daily that has kept me on the right road and much happier than before and in touch with what is going on  for me .

I am in my 50s and this work has really helped me to face the challenges , hormonal and practical that come with that and has helped me to sail through troublesome times. Adrienne has great integrity but also is very intuitive and seems to be able to suggest exactly what I need at the time in a very practical way.

She also is very gentle in her treatments but very firm in sourcing trouble spots . The treatments are a huge source of support and strength at whatever stage of life you find yourself. My hormones and my digestion have improved hugely and I have been delighted that I have found Adrienne, Maya  and her wise advice.
Lawyer, Dublin.

I attended for Maya Abdominal Massage with Adrienne from February – June 2013. My periods had been absent for some time and I was working towards getting them back. The combination of some lifestyle changes and the daily practice of massage was instrumental in restoring my cycle to a normal rhythm. I’ve now had 6 regular cycles. It was fantastic to attend a practitioner who used a truly holistic approach, and I liked that treatment involved considering the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of my particular difficulties. Adrienne has a very calm and nurturing presence and I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Psychotherapist, Dublin.

I heard about Maya massage online and was quickly convinced with the testimonials I had read and decided to give it a go. I’d been trying to conceive for a while with no joy. I’d also been attending my doctor for ‘suspected’, but never fully confirmed, endometriosis. I was in pain for much of the month, particularly around ovulation and during my period, which was becoming exhausting. And, when you’re trying to conceive, being in pain around ovulation made getting around to conceiving very difficult!

Meeting Adrienne was an amazing experience. She gave me so much time, she listened to me and was so reassuring. The massage itself was strange at first but really lovely. I kept up the self care massages at home, up to ovulation, and tried out the castor oil packs also to deal with the congestion in my abdomen. What I found most interesting about the whole experience was when Adrienne discussed how emotions can have an impact on our fertility as our emotions can be stored in our abdomens. During the massage, it’s strange to say, but I felt a kind of release of emotions and it surprised me how the massage helped me to deal with an emotional block I’d been experiencing subconsciously.

I had expected to have at least a few treatments before falling pregnant, but I was lucky enough to fall pregnant on that same cycle that I had the treatment! I’m sure that Maya massage helped me to get pregnant but, moreover, Adrienne’s calm and reassuring presence put me into a much more positive and healthy frame of mind. I’m so grateful to Adrienne for all her support and assistance and would highly recommend her to anybody!
Anonymous, Co Cork

I attended Adrienne for Mayan Massage Therapy after having a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks.  I felt after the D&C procedure that I needed to nourish my reproductive organs and do something positive towards getting well again.  I found the experience very relaxing and enjoyable.  I definitely felt more at peace after that session.  I kept up the home care massage & castor oils packs and I am delighted to say I fell pregnant 3 months after that.  I am convinced that the Mayan Massage Therapy contributed to this happy result. I would highly recommend this massage therapy.
Anonymous, West of Ireland

I attended adrienne for maya massage therapy after 5 years of fertility treatment, 2 miscarriages  and problems with endometriosis.  I found the whole experience with adrienne from talking to her and the massage therapy itself  to be very comforting.  I came away after the first session feeling very positive, much more at peace and it felt like a turmoil inside me had lifted.  I found out I was pregnant the following month.  I know that both the surgical treatment for the endometriosis and the maya massage helped me to achieve this.  I couldn’t recommend attending adrienne for anyone with fertility problems out there enough.  It put me into a whole new mind frame and I really do believe the massage therapy itself made a huge contribution in helping me get pregnant.  Thank you so much adrienne. X

Monica, West of Ireland.

I had been trying to get pregnant for six years when I first went

austinto see Adrienne and I found all her support and advice to be invaluable in getting me in the right frame of mind to try again after many unsuccessful cycles of conventional fertility treatment for PCOS (Clomid and then Puregon). The Maya massage sessions were incredibly relaxing and helped me to heal my relationship with my body and my femininity. Adrienne has a lovely calm presence which really helped relieve all my stress about infertility, while starting to try getting pregnant again through NaPro.  In the end less than two weeks after a wonderful fertility ritual which Adrienne devised, I fell pregnant and had a little boy nearly nine months later on my mother’s birthday! Helen, Dublin

Adrienne’s Maya Therapy sessions are not only incredibly relaxing, calming and a source of great physical comfort, but thanks to Adrienne’s immense knowledge and interest in the area of women’s health and wellbeing, we usually end up having a fascinating and thought-provoking chat about women’s place in the world, and how we can reclaim the power of the Feminine, among other things!  As a long-term endometriosis sufferer, for me, the combination of surgical intervention plus the Maya Therapy has really helped me get a handle on my condition so that the endo no longer takes over my life.

Writer/Producer, Co. Wicklow

I had four sessions of Mayan massage with Adrienne and found it a very relaxing experience. I had been trying to get pregnant for about a year to no avail. To my delight after four sessions one every month I became pregnant.

I would highly recommend adrienne for this treatment.
Beauty Therapist
North County Dublin

At the age of 24 I was diagnosed with endometriosis after undergoing a laparoscopy procedure. I was recommended to take medication until a time when I was ready to have a child. My monthly cycle was getting progressively worse with acute pain and nausea lasting for up to 3 days, but despite this I was reluctant to accept medication that would stop my natural menstrual cycle as my only option. I was also not yet at stage in my life where I wanted to have a child but wanted to ensure I would have that opportunity at a later stage. I decided to look into a number of alternative treatments and in doing so I came across Adrienne and she introduced me to Maya Abdominal Therapy. Adrienne explained the history of this natural healing therapy and also the techniques used. I was made aware from the start that in order for the therapy to work successfully it would involve changing my daily and weekly routine to include a self care technique, learning to listen to my body and know when to rest when needed and to use castor oil packs to detox my body. I found the sessions with Adrienne very relaxing and she made me feel very informed and comfortable. I look forward to the sessions as it gives me an opportunity to unwind and release the tensions and anxiety I have regarding my condition both mentally and physically. Thanks to Adrienne I can now say that I am gaining control over my monthly cycle and I am getting on with my life with out worrying about how I am going to cope with the pain every month. I would definitley recommend anyone who is suffering from endometriosis to contact Adrienne and try Maya Abdominal Therapy

Health Promotion Officer, Charity

‘I had been to Adrienne a couple of times for treatments before I realised how powerful the maya massage technique can actually be. I normally don’t suffer too much, but one month I was in severe pain & discomfort mid-cycle. As it was the middle of the night, and I had no pain-killers in the house, I decided to try the self-care massage to see if it would help and wow, I was absolutely amazed! Within 10-15 minutes, the pain (which had been getting worse for hours!) was completely gone, and I fell asleep in delighted relief! Thanks so much Adrienne for your amazing work. I wanted to let you know how much this meant to me as I was really upset that night. I only wish more women knew about you and this simple but amazing technique. Fair play to you for finally bringing maya massage to Dublin!’

MD, Digital Marketing Agency

Maya abdominal therapy with Adrienne has had a profound impact on my life. It has supported me through massive change. Physically I am stronger, have more energy and balance. Emotionally I have reached new depths of peace within myself. Mentally I am more focused and organised. Spiritually I have deepened my connection to all there is. I would recommend this therapy for anyone searching for wholeness. Adrienne’s compassion and professionalism ensures a safe environment for the unfoldment to take place.

Bríd Harty RGN/RM
Tera Mai Reiki/ Seichim Master
Heal your life Workshop leader

Given my irrational fear of possible invasive medical treatments and the failure of cocktails of medications, I suffered debilitating period pain for many years. I had previously attended Adrienne for reiki and massage therapy but Maya Therapy has really changed everything in relation to my periods. Adrienne has always provided me with a really safe, non-judgemental and caring environment. She has also taught me a daily routine to do myself with the Maya Therapy. While I still experience some discomfort on occasion with my periods, I am no longer losing days of my life, and that has brought incredible relief!

Hospital Pharmacist, Dublin